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I am an energy healer and a spiritual guide. I help people heal complex health and emotional issues that may have been stifling them for years. And I also guide clients in their spiritual awakening to their own unique gifts. This is the funny thing about so many of our journeys. Often, our biggest pain is the catalyst for a fascinating journey into the deeper, mystical, sacred realms of our self.

This work is about remembering who you are on a deep soul level, and healing to allow for great awareness…and Lightness of Being.

I specialize in:

  • Reiki Healing and Training for complex issues like trauma, depression, anxiety, cancer, Lyme disease, chronic pain, fatigue, and more.
  • Home and Space Clearing and Blessing
  • Working with kids. Lots of our children are highly empathic and experience the world in powerful ways (sometimes including anxiety, unexplainable fear, etc.) I love to help families understand what may be keeping children stuck, in pain, grappling with addiction, etc. And, I work with children who are experiencing unique things with spirit and energy, too. If you have questions about this or what your child is seeing or saying (especially if it seems scary), then do reach out. No question is too strange–trust me!
  • Intuitive Sense/Psychic Awakening, and Healer Training. I love to help people awaken to their own special abilities to heal, know, see, sense, etc.

Let’s talk to see how I may assist you at this point on YOUR journey! I’d love to hear what you are grappling with or seeking, and discuss how I may be of service.

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