Essential Oils–Gaia’s Love in a Bottle

I am a huge advocate for nature’s medicine, and that includes glorious essential oils. I use and highly value pure essential oils for their balancing and health properties. I use them during my classes and energy sessions, and in my home to keep my entire family healthy and balanced. And….many of them taste amazing!

Did you know that you can make a delicious, refreshing beverage in seconds by adding a drop or two of lemon, orange, lavender, mint, cinnamon…or so many more oils?? Or how about serving up some black bean mint brownies to make your family happy? Gluten free, and otherwise quite healthy.

There are lots of resources, recipes, and unique uses online and you can Google just about any symptom to find suggested blends. Visit the dōTERRA site to learn more about specific oils and their properties.

Breast Cancer Healing and Prevention Resources

There are more and more sources of valuable information about valid, researched, proven cancer prevention. Here are a few of my favorite places, and facts/figures:

Awesome Overall Resources:

I  have found the following leaders and websites to be tremendous, reputable resources:

Kris Carr

Dr. Mercola

Green Med Info

The Raw Food Institute

The Truth About Cancer

Breast Cancer Conqueror / Heal Breast Cancer Naturally

Basic Prevention Thru Nature:

Olive oil and a Mediterranean diet

Turmeric with black pepper

Vitamin D

Green Tea


Broccoli and other Cruciferous Delights

Other Daily Needs





Exercise (20-30 min/day)


Spiritual Connections