Stand in Your Power: Reiki In Daily Life, an Online Course

Reiki heals. Always.

Reiki flows through you, now.

Reiki surrounds you. It is yours to use.

And yet, are you aware?

We have at our fingertips access to the most pure, divine light available to humans. It has always been here, and its strength grows and grows the more we call upon it.

It’s literally a phone call away. And, when it calls to us, when we are ready, we pick up the phone, and dial the number.

Reiki is energy. It is frequency. It is the vibration of love.

It boosts our immune system and our bodies. It clears us of the past we are ready to leave behind. It helps us to ground, to center, to open, to awaken. It helps us to heal in incredibly profound ways–when we ask, when we are ready.

I have been witness to the healing of profoundly devastating disease. I have seen miracles of spirit, and I am honored to witness spirit in action daily. When one of us says YES to awakening, to learning, to digging in, to healing, to growing…that is when magic happens.

Do you have something from which you wish to heal?

Is there something you have not been able to address, or figure out?

Do you seek to find more magic in your life?

Are you a leader, seeking new ways to stand in your own powerful truth?

Do you meditate, and seek to deepen your ability to ground and connect with your higher self, and Source?

Do you have people in your life you feel called to be able to support in a new way?

Do you feel disempowered, and a desire to step into your true, authentic nature you KNOW is there?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then let’s talk. Set up a free phone call to discuss your path, and we’ll see if taking this online course, and receiving live guidance, intuitive messages, and healing is what you know you need at this time.

I look forward to connecting and having that discussion!

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Intuitive Planting

I’ve had a hard time with several succulent plants that I purchased this spring at Denver’s Botanic Gardens. I have not raised succulents before, and it turns out they definitely have needs that are quite different from my other plants. I have wondered what to do, and done some research. I had kept them in our kitchen for a time, however it is far too dark for succulents, and they really suffered. But I also know that too much sunlight is not appropriate, either.

Today, I embarked on a path to get them to a place where they will thrive. I had thought that would be outside.

What made this planting experience different from others is that I called in my spirit guidance system. I have plant-loving fairy energies that work with me, and this is the absolutely perfect project on which to work with them.

I gathered the plants first, and took them to a place in our yard where I had assumed they might thrive. I sat down mindfully, and called in Reiki energies, and my guides. After some time, I began to receive the message that this place would not be appropriate because of both water and sun, and winter conditions. And then I was reminded that we do have a space on our second floor that receives bright sunlight all day long.

I’m not sure why I had not thought of this before. I know that I had not asked specifically what these plants needed before, in this manner.

What made it more fun was that I was also shown that they would like and benefit from crystals, so calling on my guidance system, I felt in to each plant and selected a quartz crystal to live with it. They will support each other in beautiful flow–that is clear.

So here’s to every one of them getting what they need now–just the right sun and water and abundant loving energy flow!

Namaste 🙂

Reiki in Daily Life

Reiki in Daily Life

One of the things I love about my work is introducing people new to energy healing to the positive benefits and real things we can do with it.

The thing is, we are ALL energy. Every single thing is energy. Every object, being, plant, rock. Everything.

And so why would we not tend to that aspect of ourselves? Why would we not consider it just as important as taking care of our heart health, or getting mammograms, or brushing our teeth to keep them clean?

I believe that someday, we all will do this–we’ll all have regular practices to re-harmonize our energetic bodies as we awaken for the day, as we move through our day, and as we encounter situations in our day that sometimes throw us off.

This is exactly how I use Reiki in my daily life, and how I like to teach others to use it.

This weekend, as I taught the second class to new students who had become attuned last month, they shared some of the ways they had benefited from the energy. Everyone had a unique story. One woman had really become much more grounded and felt Reiki was helping her to calm. Another had had a persistent sore leg, and for the past three days had had no pain! Another had used Reiki to help calm her grandson and put him back to sleep at 3am. And another had used it for heartburn, and said that it worked far better than any antacid or anything else she uses.

It’s amazing! There are so many ways we can call upon healing, beneficial energy. Why wouldn’t every household have someone with this knowledge? Perhaps one day, we will!

Reiki comes from Source. It is a gift–just as the sun shines upon the land and gives our plants what they need to thrive, there are energies that we can call on to help our bodies, minds, and spirits stay healthy and thrive.

Contact me if you’d like to learn more or experience how Reiki can benefit you!



Healing the Fear of Other People’s Energy

One of my personal leaps in understanding of my feelings and self occurred after having asked for some really big and significant healing, which came through a newfound knowing that I want to understand and heal every last aspect of my old self so that I can be lifted in lightness of being to a new place–and, to keep feeling good! What follows is a short story of how I received what I requested. Sometimes, healing unfolds very slowly slow (pretty much my story), and sometimes, it comes in big lightning bolts. This happens to be one of the big, lightning bolt kind of healings:

I had newly been experiencing lots of feelings of anxiety. It was actually nothing new, but anxiety had subsided for a while, and then came back almost with a vengeance some weeks before this big new ‘seeing’.

Throughout my life, I have very often FELT so much–and not all good feelings. I have known for a long time now that the feelings that strike me as anxiety are not always (or even usually) my own. I am an empath and part of that is a tremendous gift: I have the ability to use my feelings and body senses as a healer during sessions with clients to guide me to show me exactly what my clients are feeling and needing, so that we can see what surfaces, understand it, and heal it. It is one of the most powerful gifts I could imagine and for that, now, I am eternally grateful.

But my body also feels so much more. I feel the ‘muck’ of other people and the world even while sitting on my sofa sometimes. Or while out and about. And that is not fun or helpful. It has caused me a tremendous amount of pain throughout my life. This pain and anxiety is indeed what drove me to a deeper dive into alternative medicine and energy healing. At the time, I was grasping at straws for any kind of relief I could find. So in the end, this pain that pushed me so hard is such a blessing. Funny how life is like this.

Through the years, I have unwrapped many layers of understanding of who I am, and the various circumstances in my life that have caused this painful feeling. It took a very long time to figure out. So if you’re reading this and can relate, you’re not alone. This is actually how lots of us are wired. Many of us feel extreme feelings, and they are not always our own.

I know I am like this, and I know the gift and the curse of it. And believe me, I have done many releases, visualizations, karmic healings, etc. on my healing journey. But we each have a couple of biggies to tackle–a couple of massive old wounds that we determined we would understand and heal in THIS very transformative and important lifetime. This was one of mine.

And so here I will share what I got to see as the cause. This is where it gets fascinating:

Every healer needs a healer, and in working with a wonderfully talented healer for my own work, I was gifted with a new insight: As an empath, I feel. But very early on in this life, I subconsciously and consciously took on a belief and a perception that that feeling was hurtful (because it really hurts as many of you know.) And I began to be very scared of it. So I took on a ‘program’ in my subconscious mind that feeling other people’s pain or anxiety or fear hurts me. Because it did. It really hurts to feel in that way. (It allows me to have heightened empathy for so many people who suffer and who are even labeled with mental illness, when maybe they are just feeling so much because they are out of balance.)

Through this Divine connection, Universe pointed to this particular program beginning at age 2! Imagine: Somehow, something at age 2 in my little life here on Earth felt so awful and hard and painful to me that it sparked a fear in my brain and my being that feeling was painful and something I needed to be afraid of, push away, get rid of, etc.

Two years old!

How many of us have similar stories? Many. Lots. #WeAllHavePain.

She/Universe showed me that I needed to transform this repeating ‘program’ in my system and take on the knowing: My Energy Is Enough. And: I Am Safe.

Thankfully, I have my own powerful self healing abilities–this is what I do for a living. I called upon my Divine Healers and Guides and humbly asked for help. And what I was then shown was an immense chasm as big as the Grand Canyon that had been allowing in other people’s muck throughout my whole life. It was open and gaping and cancerous. Also, it was even more gaping because of a past life karmic wound that was caused by the blunt force of a cannon ball taken straight through my chest, ending one of my past lives as a stately British man. [When we have had past lives that ended in blunt force trauma (and so many of us have–just watch our historical fiction these days to really get and know this), then we carry that wound forward as something that must be healed on the Earth plane in a later life.]

But you now what? In seeing all of this clearly on that day, I, along with my beloved Guides were able to heal and transmute the underlying causes of all of this (and in this condition we see many causes) and literally fuse that aspect of my energy body back together.

I know that sounds crazy, but it works. It is #Truth for me and many others walking paths in this way. And I woke up the next morning feeling more whole and grounded than I had in a very long time. And I still to this day relish in this new level of feeling whole, complete, all patched up, etc. 

From this clearing, my energy skyrocketed, and my channel of connection (my chakra system, my intuition) opened in an entirely new way. I took on a new way of knowing and expressing my truth, immediately:

“I am whole. I am enough. MY energy is enough. I am safe.”

How many of us need to learn this very same message? How many of us have similar traumas, and similar needs to claim our wholeness, our fullness in similar ways? So many, because of our paths in this life and in the past.

~~ This is the kind of healing and spiritual growth work I do with people. Reach out to me if you feel you have similar blocks that you need to heal in order to soften and allow yourself to BE you. If you have something stopping you that you just have not been able to figure out. If you know you are awakening and want some guidance. I am here in blessed service and we can arrange a free call to discuss where you are, and where you would like to go. ~~

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Akashic Record Healing Sessions

Akashic Library

I am an intuitive healer, and access what you need for deep healing from the Akashic Records. This information is used to heal past and current trauma, and to gain a very solid understanding of why certain events or things have happened in the lives of my clients–so they can move forward with clarity, healing, and even…levity!

It’s a fascinating and sacred process, and my work is conducted via phone and in person.

I help guide clients who are newly awakening to the wonders of Spirit and what lies beyond what we can ‘normally’ see and hear. This involves a process of education and stepping into our own unique ways we perceive the world of Spirit, and practices to integrate these gifts into your daily lives.

I help clients unravel the mysteries of:

  • Awakening or ‘Ascension’ symptoms
  • Newly discovered spiritual gifts of seeing (clairvoyance), understanding (clairsentience), and more
  • Unlocking the process and gifts of intuition and Divine connection
  • Understanding and tapping into universal healing energy

I guide and help people to heal from:

  • Difficult current or past relationships
  • Physical symptoms, like chronic throat conditions, migraines, joint pain, gut issues, etc.
    Often, these physical symptoms are caused by underlying, much older root issues, and I specialize in helping clients uncover those root causes of pain and dis-ease. This is known to be one of my particular areas of specialty in working through the Akashic Records.
  • Healthy recovery from surgery, cancer treatment, accidents, childbirth, etc.
  • Unresolved symptoms caused by trauma from the past, including childhood and past lives.

I would love to work with you to unravel the mysteries of health and emotional situations, relationships, symptoms, illnesses, and other questions you may have about your present or past!

Call for a free discussion, or book with me via the Contact page today!

Essential Oils–Gaia’s Love in a Bottle

I am a huge advocate for nature’s medicine, and that includes glorious essential oils. I use and highly value pure essential oils for their balancing and health properties. I use them during my classes and energy sessions, and in my home to keep my entire family healthy and balanced. And….many of them taste amazing!

Did you know that you can make a delicious, refreshing beverage in seconds by adding a drop or two of lemon, orange, lavender, mint, cinnamon…or so many more oils?? Or how about serving up some black bean mint brownies to make your family happy? Gluten free, and otherwise quite healthy.

There are lots of resources, recipes, and unique uses online and you can Google just about any symptom to find suggested blends. Visit the dōTERRA site to learn more about specific oils and their properties.

Reiki in Daily Life

About Reiki

I am a certified Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, and offer classes and healing sessions for many types of healing or balancing needs.

Reiki is universal healing energy that channels through us to each other in service and with healing intention. Reiki means ‘Spiritually guided healing energy.’ The practice of Reiki is a Japanese technique and in addition to promotion of healing, it is used for stress reduction, relaxation, and relief from many kinds of side effects and injuries. ‘Ki’ is circulating life force energy also called Chi or Qi in Chinese medicine, and Prana in Sanskrit.

I have been receiving and giving Reiki since I was first attuned in 2003, just before our first daughter was born. In 2015, I greatly deepened my knowledge and understanding and have completed Master/Teacher Reiki Training, and love sharing this rejuvenating, healing energy with others.

This life force energy flows through all of us. Sometimes, however, due to injury, trauma, illness, and just the basic things that happen in our lives, our energy becomes blocked or stagnant. When our life force energy is low, we can much more easily become ill, or feel extra stress or anger. Our goal with Reiki treatment is to increase the flow of our life force energy, to allow us to feel happy, healthy, and whole.

Reiki Benefits:

A session lasts 45-60 minutes during which I lightly touch or hold energy just above a client’s body in different locations and for different intervals, allowing the energy to flow to places where it is needed. Clients are comfortable and fully clothed for Reiki sessions.

Benefits of Reiki are many, and there is growing scientific evidence of its efficacy. Some of the myriad reasons people seek healing through Reiki include:

  • Relaxation and stress management.
  • Pain management.
  • Comfort and relief during cancer treatment, and to complement prescriptions.
  • Relief from depression.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Stronger self esteem.
  • Relief of symptoms of many ailments.
  • Greater self awareness.
  • Improved digestive system functioning.

Please reach out to me for a consultation, or to schedule a session in our lovely healing space at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts in downtown Littleton, CO.

Reiki Sessions:

60, 75, and 90-minute sessions.

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Testimonials from happy Reiki recipients:

“I came in here not feeling very well, and after this session,
I feel like a million dollars.”
–Susan H., happy Reiki recipient

“Before we began, I was suffering a lot from whiplash after a big fall, in my knee, back, neck and head. Now, I feel very little pain.”
–Heather M.

“Since I received Reiki three weeks ago, my stomach stopped hurting, I have no more cramps, and I have more energy. I was having a lot of headaches and migraines, and have not had any since then. I just feel a lot better.”
Kristin L.


Reiki Ideals: 

The secret art of inviting happiness
The miraculous medicine of all diseasesSelf-Reiki-Badge-300x300
Just for today, do not anger
Do not worry and be filled with gratitude
Devote yourself to your work. Be kind to people.
Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer.
Pray these words to your heart
and chant these words with your mouth
Usui Reiki Treatment for the improvement of body and mind
~~The founder, Usui Mikao~~