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My individual sessions and courses lead to liberation and understanding. I  empower you as my client–because you are powerful beyond measure. I help you understand what is causing blocks, get ‘unstuck,’ and learn tools to harness your own innate healing and intuitive abilities. I also help you connect and communicate deeply with your beloved Angelic Spirit Guides. YOU have the answers—but sometimes, we need a little help to see that clearly.

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Set up a free 20-minute Discovery Call to talk about your unique desires, what you’re ready to learn, and questions about healing! Insights are guaranteed as we discuss where you are, what may be holding you back, and what you’re seeking through coaching.

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75-minute individual healing session packages – in person, or via phone.

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I teach an array of classes designed to help clients expand into their own intuition, healing abilities, and understanding of the realm of Light, Angels, Healing Energy, etc.


Stand in Your Power: Reiki in Daily Life

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  • Learn to use, understand, and harness maintain your energy daily. Keep your energy body (your chakras and meridians, those aspects of you that ‘glow’) well lit through regular, simple practices.
  • Harness energy to deepen your awareness of who you are, to connect more deeply when you meditate, to ease and release stress, and to help your family when they are not feeling well–emotionally and physically.
  • Understand and strengthen your uniquely YOU psychic gifts to help you navigate your awakening and enlightenment.
  • Learn to connect with your angelic Guides and access your own intuition and information.I teach all of these perspectives and skills, and love to bring the gifts and tradition of this art to students at all levels. I teach the following courses, all of which come with manuals, and certifications:
    • Reiki in Daily Life (Comprises the traditional Levels I and II plus healing, intuitive guidance, awakening to your truths and strengths). Join this ongoing course and learn this powerful healing art with full support and course materials.

Interested in learning more? Whether you’re interested in self care and awakening to your gifts, enhancing your healing skills, or becoming the healer you know you are, Reiki is a tool you can learn now. Is it calling to you? Let’s chat.

Set up a free 20-minute call to discuss how Reiki can work for you.

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Also offered: Usui Advanced Reiki; Master/Teacher Training; and Karuna® Reiki, ‘The Reiki of Compassion”


Spirit Guides 101

  • We all have spirit guides! I teach people what this means, and how to nurture practices to open to these beautiful relationships

Developing Your Own Intuition: Guidance, Healing, Coaching

  • We all have deep connections to ourselves, and our own senses of knowing. I teach classes designed to allow for more opening to your own senses, and your own ways to understand and perceive messages and Spirit.

Lightness of BEing Intuition and Soul Alignment Bootcamp

Join my online bootcamp that takes individuals on a deep dive to open to and understand their own intuition, as well as the realm of Angels, guides, and loved ones we work with. Includes:

  • One-on-one healing sessions to reveal what’s currently needed and clear blocks to your intuition and higher self abilities.
  • Weekly group coaching calls.
  • 12 Weeks of deep-dive lessons on intuition, chakras, Spirit Guides, healing, manifesting, archetypes, meditation & other daily practices, and much more.
  • Access to me throughout the journey for insight and assistance.
  • Channeled of guidance for each individual.
  • Liberation, clearing, healing, self-awareness, tools, and more.